Specializing in Custom Ocular Prosthetics

Jardon Eye Prosthetics was founded by Fritz Jardon, inventor of the plastic prosthetic eye, over sixty years ago. We’ve been perfecting his vision as a family-owned business ever since.

A Passion for Realism

Back In the 1930s, impersonal glass eyes were the only option. Fritz Jardon craved realism and a more natural appearance. He believed that even an artificial eye should reflect “a twinkle of the wearer’s heart.” His technique and commitment are alive today at Jardon Eye Prosthetics.

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Our store is designed to serve the needs of a wide variety of ophthalmic practices. Find silicone orbital implants, surgical eye shields, and other supplies, ready to ship. Also includes Veterinary Ophthalmic Implants.

The Fusion of Art and Science

Creating beautiful eyes that reflect the soul of the wearer is not enough. We maintain the highest professional standards for consistent, quality manufacturing, and back them up with third-party certification.

Also Serving Veterinary Practices

We manufacture Veterinary Ophthalmic Implants in a variety of sizes and colors to suit cats, dogs, and larger animals. They are available to ship worldwide from our online store.



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