Our Process

Will my health insurance cover a new prosthetic eye?

Yes, most insurance companies will pay for a prosthetic eye. For example, Medicare covers 80% of the cost.

How often will insurance cover a new prosthetic?

Typically insurance companies will cover a new prosthesis every 5-7 years. If there has been a change to the socket due to surgery, the coverage may be sooner.

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes, our consultations are always free.  We are happy to explain the process and check your insurance coverage.

How long does a prosthetic last?

We recommend replacement of the prosthetic every 5-7 years.

How long does it take to paint the prosthetic?

The paint appointment typically takes 2 to 2 ½ hours. The patient will sit in front of the ocularist/artist for a custom painting session.

Do you have any other offices?

Yes, on the first Thursday of every month we see patients at our secondary location.

Oculoplastic Associates of West Michigan
4070 Lake Dr, Suite 205, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

How many appointments will I need to complete my prosthetic eye?

Typically, a new eye will be created in 2-3 appointments.

Custom Painting


There are three steps in the fabrication of the prosthetic eye.

1. On the first visit/consultation, we determine the proper size and shape of the prosthesis, either by taking an impression, using a modified impression method or by taking a mold of an existing prosthesis (if the patient prefers a similar shape).

2. On the second visit, we establish the position and plan of the iris. The patient will then sit in front of one of our talented artists for custom painting of the prosthesis.

3. The third visit is for the final custom fitting of the prosthesis.  At this time, we walk every patient through the insertion/removal process, as well as the proper care and handling of their new prosthesis.


We offer every patient 6 months of free service with a new prosthesis. This covers the fit, as well as the coloration of the new prosthesis. With any new ocular prosthesis, there is a settling in period, in which the opening of the eyelids may fluctuate. Therefore, we prefer to see all patients for 2-month and 4-month follow-up appointments.